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Smoke and fire dampers

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TROX TECHNIK offers an extensive array of fire and smoke protection products designed to safeguard buildings and their occupants in the event of a fire. Their lineup includes fire dampers, which are engineered to contain and halt the spread of fire in ductwork that passes through fire-rated barriers. The smoke protection dampers serve to manage smoke flow, preventing it from spreading and maintaining clear evacuation routes. For specialized applications, tunnel dampers are available, tailored to handle the intense conditions within tunnel environments by controlling smoke during a fire, thus aiding in visibility and safety during critical moments.

Complementing these damper systems are the smoke detectors, which are a crucial element of fire detection systems, sounding an early alert at the first sign of smoke and initiating emergency procedures. Additionally, TROX TECHNIK provides smoke control dampers that integrate into ventilation systems to extract smoke, helping to maintain breathable air and prevent the ingress of smoke to other parts of the building.